Applications and Use Cases

With up-and-coming technologies like blockchain, learning how innovation is serving to disrupt operations is critical. - 4/24/2018

As cryptocurrency continues to grab much in the way of headlines, blockchain technology is gaining the attention of great number of verticals. This disruptive technology is transformational in a number a ways, and with mounting use cases, I would like to touch on one: retail - 4/20/2018

The rollercoaster ride that is the value of Bitcoin served a solid spectator sport for some time, but it is not this cryptocurrency, per say, that is why it remains in the spotlight. The underlying technology, blockchain is ear marked for stardom in a number of industries for a number of reasons - 4/12/2018

Bitcoin has soared to incredible heights. At the moment, it's unclear as to whether the cryptocurrency is the victim of a bubble or if Bitcoin will be become a legitimate form of currency. - 4/12/2018

Financial services, logistics, and utilities will likely be the early adoptors of blockchain technology. These sectors are commonly mentioned by blockchain solution providers like IBM and others. - 4/3/2018

The global blockchain market is poised for 57.6 percent compound annual growth between 2017 and 2023. - 4/3/2018

Blockchain has the potential to transform the digital landscape from the bottom up, fundamentally altering how data is shared, consumed, stored and transmitted, and its impact on society will equal that of the Internet. - 4/2/2018



Social media is impacting the value of your cryptocurrency. This cross-platform audit will show how to improve consumer and influencer sentiment.