Applications and Use Cases

Playboy is pointing to the pairing's contract and is taking GBT to court for failing to fulfill their arrangement, claiming fraud. The lawsuit states GBT failed to implement the VIT on Playboy's sites and neglected to pay the $4 million it agreed to. - 8/15/2018

The blockchain is now ten years old, yet new. Since its introduction, the technology has transformed global economic markets. - 8/13/2018

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the US-based firm that owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and is transforming the way equities, options, derivatives and disruptive financial instruments, announced two things last week. - 8/10/2018

TradeLens, the IBM and Maersk Blockchain supply chain platform is gaining traction, with 94 companies already signed up to use it to create more efficient and cost-effective shipping processes. - 8/9/2018

SONM announces launch of its fog computing platform that allows users to rent or purchase computer power in its decentralized marketplace to solve computing tasks - 8/8/2018

Identity Management (IM) is a vast and growing science and artform, with demand surging as data growth continues, and one company believes blockchain may be the best way to secure the integrity of data in the enterprise and between enterprises as we accelerate towards the Extabyte era. - 8/1/2018

Last week, neXt Curve, a San Diego-based digital research advisory firm, hosted a webinar on the use of Blockchain as a General Data and Privacy Regulation (GDPR) solution. - 8/1/2018

Blockchain opens new avenues for CSPs to create a repository of recognized identities for every customer and their corresponding billing information. - 7/30/2018

IoT Blockchain Company CPChain Also Announces it is Now Listed on KuCoin, in addition to partnering on Smart Automotive Blockchain. - 7/30/2018

Mount Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine, along with the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare, formally opened the Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research. Its goal is to research and develop uses of distributed ledger technology that can help solve problems in healthcare. - 7/27/2018

The momentum that's been building around blockchain shows no signs of letting up, and research firm IDC projects that in a few short years, by 2022, worldwide spend on blockchain will reach nearly $12 billion. - 7/24/2018

Israeli firm Eticket is bringing blockchain to the ticket resale market. Its Et4 platform uses blockchain to enable faster, more secure secondary market ticket sales. - 7/22/2018

Considering the current developments and ongoing research in Blockchain, 2018 is undoubtedly going to be a productive year in this domain. The waves of blockchain have touched almost every sector, from healthcare to finance to energy space. - 7/16/2018

One aspect the benefits of blockchain can be profoundly seen and thus understood is within the gaming industry. - 7/16/2018

Though its awareness grew thanks to its role as the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain has been widely touted as being a potential game changer in nearly every industry. - 7/14/2018

CPChain may be most well-known for raising $30M in less than 48 hours, but now it has created a parallel distributed architecture for data storage and sharing. - 6/29/2018

Rivetz is once again in the news, this time in concert with a new blockchain management software and services company introduced last week at the World Blockchain Forum in New York City. - 6/19/2018 announced the release of their open source EOSIO blockchain software - an "operating system" designed for enterprises to build and deploy blockchain-based applications. - 6/14/2018

It's been a busy month for blockchain leader Rivetz, a security platform provider that continues to acquire businesses while also announcing integrations with companies, including Trustonic. - 6/13/2018

With all the chatter about bitcoin and the early blockchain companies, 2018 may be the year when this technology matures beyond the "hype cycle" into adoption by enterprise IT teams. - 6/12/2018

Akshay Sharma, Principal Analyst for the boutique advisory firm neXt-Curve, shared strong views in a note published last month on the potential to invoke blockchain to enhance GDPR. - 6/11/2018

According to MasterCar's patent filing, its proposed system would store a captured image of a payment card on the blockchain, encrypting it with both public and private keys. - 6/8/2018

The Bottos Data Marketplace is the first step in creating a new AI ecosystem, the company says. - 5/31/2018

Over the next few years, next generation networks will require a secure and efficient way to track all interactions, transactions, and activities of every device within the network. - 5/31/2018

The hype surrounding blockchain technology will recede sharply in 2018 as the cost and complexity of implementing blockchain solutions becomes apparent, according to GlobalData. - 5/31/2018

The distributed ledger technology-directed acyclic graph (DAG) has the potential to eliminate the drawbacks of Blockchain, which has gained immense popularity over the last few years. - 5/29/2018

Implementing a combination of device identity, reputation, and artificial intelligence can bring some much needed security to Healthcare IoT. - 5/24/2018

Former Fugees member Pras Michel unveiled Motif, a blockchain-enabled smartphone that delivers dividends to users for each purchase they make. - 5/18/2018

As we move into the next phase of massive IoT and IIoT roll outs, the community of connected everything finds itself faced with challenges unlike any over the last several decades. - 5/14/2018

This week the De Beers Group announced the blockchain-based platform Tracr will launch later in 2018 and promises to provide transparency from the mine to retail locations. De Beers reports partnerships with Diacore, Diarough, KGK Group, Rosy Blue NV and Venus Jewel, which is resulting in the succes… - 5/11/2018

When we think retail and influencer marketing, for most shopping malls or Amazon come to mind, but let's not forget our most common retail experience: grocery shopping. What if I told you the grocery store of the future could be browser-based and blockchain powered? - 5/4/2018

Spanish bank BBVA has successfully issued a €75 million corporate loan using blockchain, a global first. - 5/4/2018

With up-and-coming technologies like blockchain, learning how innovation is serving to disrupt operations is critical. - 4/24/2018

As cryptocurrency continues to grab much in the way of headlines, blockchain technology is gaining the attention of great number of verticals. This disruptive technology is transformational in a number a ways, and with mounting use cases, I would like to touch on one: retail - 4/20/2018

The rollercoaster ride that is the value of Bitcoin served a solid spectator sport for some time, but it is not this cryptocurrency, per say, that is why it remains in the spotlight. The underlying technology, blockchain is ear marked for stardom in a number of industries for a number of reasons - 4/12/2018

Bitcoin has soared to incredible heights. At the moment, it's unclear as to whether the cryptocurrency is the victim of a bubble or if Bitcoin will be become a legitimate form of currency. - 4/12/2018

Financial services, logistics, and utilities will likely be the early adoptors of blockchain technology. These sectors are commonly mentioned by blockchain solution providers like IBM and others. - 4/3/2018

The global blockchain market is poised for 57.6 percent compound annual growth between 2017 and 2023. - 4/3/2018

Blockchain has the potential to transform the digital landscape from the bottom up, fundamentally altering how data is shared, consumed, stored and transmitted, and its impact on society will equal that of the Internet. - 4/2/2018

A.P. Moller-Maersk and IBM recently announced their interest to establish a joint venture to provide more efficient and secure methods for conducting global trade using blockchain technology. - 2/20/2018



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