Applications and Use Cases

California-based business consulting firm Armanino, for instance, has just launched its blockchain practice California-based business consulting firm Armanino has launched its blockchain practice to help businesses understand how they can leverage blockchain to create better models - 2/21/2019

Developing an industry standard for a new industry sector is never easy, particularly when the sector in question is growing at an explosive pace and constantly evolving. - 2/21/2019

Oracle has added new DevOps functionality to its platform to make integrating blockchain solutions into existing business and IT systems easier. - 2/15/2019

Future-ready companies - those that are leveraging AI, blockchain, IoT, data analytics and monetization - these are the businesses you really want to be. - 2/8/2019

Last week at the IoT Evolution Expo, Rick Conklin, CTO of Dispersive Networks, weighed in on the potential of programmable networking to enhance the security and efficiency of IoT and Industrial IoT implementations. - 2/6/2019

IBM's Blockchain Service Leader Pramod Achanta kicked off this year's edition of The Blockchain Event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this morning. His message? Blockchain is very real. - 1/30/2019

At the first blockchain education and certification session, kicking off a full week of activities at the IoT Evolution Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, three experts came together to discuss the potential of blockchain to improve healthcare delivery. - 1/29/2019

IronBridge Enterprise, a start-up based in Austin, Texas, introduced an Internet service layer that unifies security of smart devices, cloud services, edge services, and digital assets, enabling next generation distributed applications and services. - 1/29/2019

With the imminent arrival of millions of connected cars on the roads by 2020, hundreds of terabytes of data will be being generated every second, making data management and the security of that data critical. - 1/29/2019

Even as the Industrial IoT continues to make major gains, the CEO of SyncFab, Jeremy Goodwin, sees the potential of enterprise blockchain to make it all work as literally key. - 1/29/2019

TMC today announced AppFusions has signed on as a platinum sponsor for at The Blockchain Event January 29 - February 1, 2019 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward Country Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Blockchain Event is directed at entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, enthusia… - 1/23/2019

Until now, not much has been created using the distributed, immutable ledger of the Blockchain to improve Customer Experience (CX). - 1/10/2019

SyncFab has pioneered advanced manufacturing network solutions for industrial OEM supply chain program managers and hardware design engineers to better access precision parts production since 2013. - 12/26/2018

This week, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), an independent, not-for-profit, standardization organization in Europe with more than 850-member organizations worldwide, announced the creation of a new Industry Specification Group on Permissioned Distributed Ledgers. - 12/19/2018

Atlanta-based blockchain software solutions provider, GigLabs, have announced the launch of CryptoRome 2.0 to boost further adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. - 12/18/2018

Telefonica and IBM are collaborating to implement blockchain technology in order to streamline core business processes. - 12/12/2018

The collective vision of a 4-person team attending the ETHWaterloo hackathon in Ontario, Canada back in October 2017 recognized the huge potential of unifying blockchain technology with gaming. - 12/10/2018

Thriving online gaming communities have been built over the years but, with online gaming comes many risks that other online activities carry. One of these risks is cyberbullying. - 12/10/2018

While followers espoused the merits of blockchain early on for areas such as financial services, until recently, few discussed the widespread applicability of the technology across industries. Education certainly has not been at the top of the list. - 11/27/2018

Even the most vocal fans of blockchain-based applications will admit that, 9 years after the introduction of Bitcoin to the world, it's still difficult to set up cryptocurrency wallets where coins and tokens can be stored. - 11/20/2018

The video game industry is bigger and more connected now than it has ever been before, with in-game communities a staple of online gaming and social media used as a major tool to get fans involved. - 11/19/2018

The blockchain-based trade financing platform driven by the Honk Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) officially launched recently after two years in the making. - 11/6/2018

Telefonica has been supporting its own orbit of entrepreneurial businesses, including ElevenPaths, which looks and feels more like an agile start-up than a traditional cybersecurity "department" stuck in a bureaucracy and trying to escape. - 10/31/2018

Global Blockchain (BLOC), this week rolled out an announcement on the company's acquisition of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell's X2 games. - 10/23/2018

It's not surprising that emerging technologies like blockchain and the Internet of Things draw a great amount of interest among enterprises. - 10/23/2018

Platform services providers are poised to dominate the blockchain industry, even as large enterprises continue to explore the practical applications of the decentralized ledger to enhance existing systems. - 10/22/2018

SONM announces the launch of its fog computing platform that allows users to rent or purchase computer power in its decentralized marketplace to solve computing tasks - 10/9/2018

Blockchain starter kit accelerates distributed ledger technology initiatives in IoT, mobility, renewable energy, supply chain and other industries - 10/9/2018

Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform announced a strategic alliance with Alternative Resource Group, a clean energy development company. - 10/2/2018

The power of influencer marketing is no longer a question, but the endurance and sustainability of influencers based on their authenticity is in question. - 9/27/2018

Fernando Alonso Diaz continues to grow in global fame as the Spanish Formula One racing driver currently racing for the McLaren F1 team. - 9/25/2018

New York University (NYU), which already offered courses in Blockchain, has now expanded its course selection due to demand, and has announced students will be able to major in blockchain through its Stern School of Business. - 9/21/2018

Blockchain can help, a concept that is not lost on dozens of social media companies who are built on blockchain from the ground up. - 9/18/2018

Blockchain technology offers an immutable, secure, and publicly available database/ledger of transactions accessible by anyone online, and major non-profit organizations and mission-driven companies are rolling out blockchain fundraising platforms and more, as digital currency starts to enter the ma… - 9/18/2018

To solve the visibility gap between blockchain projects and enterprises, IBM has joined the HACERA Unbounded Registry as a founding member to create a listing of blockchain projects. - 9/14/2018

The precipitous rise of Bitcoin kicked off a massive blockchain hype cycle that could easily have died down quietly, but the idea that the distributed ledger technology can be used for much more than cryptocurrency not only kept the hype cycle alive, it has driven it even higher. - 9/11/2018

In a recent statement, Jake Meisenbach, Senior Consultant, DMI, said there is a great opportunity in applying blockchain to disrupt the healthcare sector. - 9/6/2018

The power of influencers has undeniably changed the landscape of marketing and advertising for good. - 9/5/2018

When it comes to disruptive technologies like blockchain, Shidan Gouran tends to show up a few years ahead of others. - 9/5/2018

Work is hard these days, particularly given the distractions of everything from mass media to social media. Blockchain can help. - 8/27/2018

Bond-i (blockchain operated new debt instrument) is a two-year bond launched by the World Bank, arranged by Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) that has raised $80 million USD. The bond is proclaimed by the World Bank as the first to be managed end-to-end leveraging blockchain technology. - 8/24/2018

Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform, joined the Linux Foundation this week, and two projects - the Linux Foundation Networking community and EdgeX Foundry. - 8/22/2018

IoT Data Exchange is designed to eliminate the tangle data-sharing agreements between corporations, agencies and institutions while making IoT data sources discoverable by humans and AIs - 8/22/2018

Playboy is pointing to the pairing's contract and is taking GBT to court for failing to fulfill their arrangement, claiming fraud. The lawsuit states GBT failed to implement the VIT on Playboy's sites and neglected to pay the $4 million it agreed to. - 8/15/2018

The blockchain is now ten years old, yet new. Since its introduction, the technology has transformed global economic markets. - 8/13/2018

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the US-based firm that owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and is transforming the way equities, options, derivatives and disruptive financial instruments, announced two things last week. - 8/10/2018

TradeLens, the IBM and Maersk Blockchain supply chain platform is gaining traction, with 94 companies already signed up to use it to create more efficient and cost-effective shipping processes. - 8/9/2018

SONM announces launch of its fog computing platform that allows users to rent or purchase computer power in its decentralized marketplace to solve computing tasks - 8/8/2018

Identity Management (IM) is a vast and growing science and artform, with demand surging as data growth continues, and one company believes blockchain may be the best way to secure the integrity of data in the enterprise and between enterprises as we accelerate towards the Extabyte era. - 8/1/2018

Last week, neXt Curve, a San Diego-based digital research advisory firm, hosted a webinar on the use of Blockchain as a General Data and Privacy Regulation (GDPR) solution. - 8/1/2018



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