Applications and Use Cases

A new report from INATBA looks at the social impact of blockchain and its role in meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The group will also work on development of a social impact framework to address challenges around standardization and interoperability of blockchain projects. - 9/22/2021

The internet is steadily moving toward a decentralized metaverse model where users and devices control and own data. Blockchain has a vital role to play as the backbone of this decentralized metaverse, along with the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). - 9/22/2021

SkyBridge Capital, the hedge fund founded by former Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, recently announced that it plans to enter a partnership that will allow it to embrace blockchain technology. Using a fund that will be known as UNLOX, the group will focus on a variety of decentralized finance effo… - 9/17/2021

DeFi app Zabu, which resides on the Avalanche blockchain, was exploited in a hack worth $3.2 million. The incident highlights the growing prevalence of DeFi scams and hacks, which are becoming one of the most common types of hacks. - 9/14/2021

BlackRock, the largest global investment and asset manager, has joined Axoni's distributed ledger platform to aid in matching and reconciling post-trade data on stock swaps. The firm joins Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Group on the Veris blockchain platform. - 9/9/2021

Heritage Global Partners has formed a new relationship with ViciNFT to support the growing demand for non-fungible token management services. - 9/2/2021

VeChain has developed new SaaS solutions to help enterprise-level organizations better understand levels of air pollution. - 9/1/2021

Video Game development company Electronic Arts appears to have plans for Blockchain and NFTs after posting multiple job openings related to both fields. - 8/31/2021

XREX, a blockchain startup from Taiwan, has raised $17 million in funding. The money will be used to build out the company's crypto-fiat exchange platform, apply for new financial licenses and expand security and compliance features. - 8/25/2021

South Korean Internet Company Kakao is reportedly pushing forward with global expansion plans and has recently said it plans to move into the Singapore region next with its blockchain platform, Klaytn. - 8/20/2021

Due to the exponential rise in online crime, tech giants like Microsoft are devising new strategies to combat hackers from stealing private digital property. - 8/19/2021

While many companies are developing blockchain technology for the next several decades, many individuals and companies are shut out because of the costs involved in developing new technologies. Launchpool Labs is attempting to even the playing field a bit by making access to resources easier for sma… - 8/19/2021

A new art installation using blockchain technology will soon be released, highlighting the relationship between digital technology and the physical world. - 8/16/2021

The $1.2 infrastructure bill passed by the U.S Senate this week contains vague language regarding the regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain. How the bill gets amended in the House, if at all, could have long-standing ramifications for certain type of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. - 8/11/2021

Kahuna will be launching the first ever decentralized social media platform later this year, offering content creators a unique way to monetize their content and interact with fans using blockchain technology. - 8/9/2021

China may be as much as six years ahead of the U.S. in blockchain development, according to the founder of a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund. The central government's involvement in the digital yuan and Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) have catapulted China ahead of the U.S. and other countr… - 8/5/2021

One of Europe's largest insurance providers, Allianz, is utilizing blockchain technology to help make cross-country claims easier and faster to process. - 7/29/2021

Amazon has caused a stir in the blockchain space with the announcement of a job listing for a digital currency and blockchain product lead. Reports that the company was aiming to accept Bitcoin by the end of the year and develop its own digital token next year were later refuted by the company. - 7/28/2021

Blockchain is best known as the platform driving cryptocurrency transactions. But the technology has a huge number of applications in all kinds of global vertical markets and is steadily moving beyond its crypto roots. - 7/22/2021

TADA has joined Tezos to incorporate more economical, environmentally considerate blockchain practices for business operations. - 7/15/2021

Open-source crypto wallet developer Pillar has revealed the second edition of the company's multichain crypto wallet. The latest edition boasts a number of new features, including a 99% reduction in gas fees compared to competitors like Ethereum. - 7/1/2021

Collocated with Miami, Florida-based ITEXPO, The Blockchain Event will take place from June 22nd to 25th and aid decision-makers, technologists, and developers in understanding and utilizing the value of blockchain within their various industries. - 6/21/2021

Blockchain technology is becoming pervasive, particularly in the finance industry. The technology offers a host of benefits but also comes with a few security risks. - 6/18/2021

The Chinese government has published a set of guidelines to accelerate blockchain and associated technology development. The move follows a ban on crypto mining and trading within the country. - 6/9/2021

Reno mayor Hillary Schieve is a major proponent of blockchain and cryptocurrency and is using non-fungible tokens as a way to refurbish the city center and attract tech to the region as part of a long-term growth plan. - 6/4/2021

EZ Blockchain and Silver Energy have teamed up to use excess natural gas to fuel bitcoin mining operations. - 6/3/2021

The amount of energy consumed by cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has sparked fierce debate. While both sides argue, it is clear the technology needs to reduce its footprint to remain sustainable over the long haul. - 5/27/2021

Domineum, a software development company for enterprise and government apps, is partnering with nChain to offer its solutions as blockchain-as-a-service on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. - 5/26/2021

The Bitcoin wallet used to transfer funds in the major ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline has been discovered by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic. The wallet was used to move around $5.3 million in BTC payments. - 5/21/2021

The cryptocurrency and blockchain market is growing at a feverish pace, and at the same time consuming obscene amounts of energy. The industry must find a way to reduce consumption while scaling to support global growth and expansion. - 5/20/2021

Blockchain and non-fungible tokens will transform business and investing over the next few years, according to entrepreneur and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk. The business guru believes smart event tokens will ultimately generate real value and marketing collateral for NFTs. - 5/12/2021

The Central Bank of Norway is researching technical options for a central digital currency and is considering the BSV blockchain to power the project. - 5/5/2021

Canada's Blockchain Foundry announced a new platform designed for NFTS and crypto payments. - 5/5/2021

Now that 5G is here, many companies across a variety of verticals are asking: How do we make money off it? The proliferation of 5G is allowing for integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, cloud, and edge compute in a mobile setting. This is leading to the emergence… - 5/4/2021

You've heard of cryptocurrency. You may even be aware of much of its functionality as a digital currency. But have you used it to buy wine yet? Now, you can. A company called Wine Craft has announced that it has released the first blockchain for the wine industry, allowing consumers to save when pur… - 4/30/2021

An uptick in new projects, investments and partnerships is driving tremendous growth in blockchain technologies this year. Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency are all undergoing tremendous growth, development and expansion in 2021. - 4/29/2021

In New York City's upcoming elections, there are 12 candidates on the ballot for City Comptroller. One of them, Democrat Reshma Patel, is talking seriously about the Big Apple's future with blockchain as well as cryptocurrency. The transition will be critical, Patel told CoinDesk, as the city begins… - 4/23/2021

Germany's federal bank has finished testing a blockchain-based platform that connects distributed ledger technology (DLT) to the existing payment system for processing financial transactions without the need for digital currency. - 4/21/2021

Alaskan State Senator Mike Shower has proposed a bill that would make Alaska the first state to use blockchain technology for election security. - 4/20/2021

Fantom Blockchain has announced a new sponsorship deal with Formula One driver Pierre Gasley, further cementing the technology into the mainstream. - 4/6/2021

New findings from Forrester Research show China is leading the world in blockchain adoption. The Chinese government has lead the push in research and development, along with enterprises and vendors, as part of an overall digital transformation initiative. - 4/1/2021

New York has officially rolled out a blockchain-based digital health pass that will allow citizens to provide COVID19 vaccination documents. - 3/29/2021

Nigerian startup company Xend Finance has launched its blockchain platform, which enables decentralized finance (DeFi) for credit unions and their members. - 3/26/2021

The Danish Red Cross and other investors will be using blockchain tech to manage funds for a volcano-related emergency bond. - 3/23/2021

Blockchain Advocate Senator Cynthia Lummis spoke positively about her state's focus on blockchain technology. - 3/22/2021

It seems that almost every day the internet reveals some new obscure trend that skyrockets in popularity, only to quickly descend into the abyss after the next trend pops up five seconds later. Remember dabbing? Or planking? Or the tide pod challenge? These viral sensations had their short window of… - 3/15/2021

FYX and Unikrn will be collaborating to bring new products and gaming technology to customers using blockchain technology as a basis. - 3/11/2021

Jack Dorsey is auctioning the world's first tweet as a non-fungible token (NFT), with bidding currently up to $2.5 million. The move points to larger growth within the NFT and blockchain markets as well as rising value for digital art and so-called crypto collectibles. - 3/9/2021

Blockchain has the potential to increase transparency and efficiency while promoting sustainability in the agrifood industry, according to a recent study. - 3/3/2021

The cannabis industry is embracing blockchain, AI and cryptocurrency technologies to streamline and improve operations. The technologies are being implemented to boost security, enhance the ordering and delivery experience and offer payment alternatives to customers. - 2/23/2021



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