Applications and Use Cases

Blockchain and non-fungible tokens will transform business and investing over the next few years, according to entrepreneur and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk. The business guru believes smart event tokens will ultimately generate real value and marketing collateral for NFTs. - 5/12/2021

The Central Bank of Norway is researching technical options for a central digital currency and is considering the BSV blockchain to power the project. - 5/5/2021

Canada's Blockchain Foundry announced a new platform designed for NFTS and crypto payments. - 5/5/2021

Now that 5G is here, many companies across a variety of verticals are asking: How do we make money off it? The proliferation of 5G is allowing for integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, cloud, and edge compute in a mobile setting. This is leading to the emergence… - 5/4/2021

You've heard of cryptocurrency. You may even be aware of much of its functionality as a digital currency. But have you used it to buy wine yet? Now, you can. A company called Wine Craft has announced that it has released the first blockchain for the wine industry, allowing consumers to save when pur… - 4/30/2021

An uptick in new projects, investments and partnerships is driving tremendous growth in blockchain technologies this year. Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency are all undergoing tremendous growth, development and expansion in 2021. - 4/29/2021

In New York City's upcoming elections, there are 12 candidates on the ballot for City Comptroller. One of them, Democrat Reshma Patel, is talking seriously about the Big Apple's future with blockchain as well as cryptocurrency. The transition will be critical, Patel told CoinDesk, as the city begins… - 4/23/2021

Germany's federal bank has finished testing a blockchain-based platform that connects distributed ledger technology (DLT) to the existing payment system for processing financial transactions without the need for digital currency. - 4/21/2021

Alaskan State Senator Mike Shower has proposed a bill that would make Alaska the first state to use blockchain technology for election security. - 4/20/2021

Fantom Blockchain has announced a new sponsorship deal with Formula One driver Pierre Gasley, further cementing the technology into the mainstream. - 4/6/2021

New findings from Forrester Research show China is leading the world in blockchain adoption. The Chinese government has lead the push in research and development, along with enterprises and vendors, as part of an overall digital transformation initiative. - 4/1/2021

New York has officially rolled out a blockchain-based digital health pass that will allow citizens to provide COVID19 vaccination documents. - 3/29/2021

Nigerian startup company Xend Finance has launched its blockchain platform, which enables decentralized finance (DeFi) for credit unions and their members. - 3/26/2021

The Danish Red Cross and other investors will be using blockchain tech to manage funds for a volcano-related emergency bond. - 3/23/2021

Blockchain Advocate Senator Cynthia Lummis spoke positively about her state's focus on blockchain technology. - 3/22/2021

It seems that almost every day the internet reveals some new obscure trend that skyrockets in popularity, only to quickly descend into the abyss after the next trend pops up five seconds later. Remember dabbing? Or planking? Or the tide pod challenge? These viral sensations had their short window of… - 3/15/2021

FYX and Unikrn will be collaborating to bring new products and gaming technology to customers using blockchain technology as a basis. - 3/11/2021

Jack Dorsey is auctioning the world's first tweet as a non-fungible token (NFT), with bidding currently up to $2.5 million. The move points to larger growth within the NFT and blockchain markets as well as rising value for digital art and so-called crypto collectibles. - 3/9/2021

Blockchain has the potential to increase transparency and efficiency while promoting sustainability in the agrifood industry, according to a recent study. - 3/3/2021

The cannabis industry is embracing blockchain, AI and cryptocurrency technologies to streamline and improve operations. The technologies are being implemented to boost security, enhance the ordering and delivery experience and offer payment alternatives to customers. - 2/23/2021

The government of Nevada is considering a proposal that would allow tech companies to operate independently run smart cities. - 2/19/2021

Tanla collaborated with Microsoft to launch Wisely, a blockchain-enabled CPaaS offering built on Microsoft Azure. In Wisely, an organization can take advantage of trusted, secure and private communications across a global edge-to-edge network. - 1/21/2021

Two British Hospitals are using blockchain technology to help secure logistic information for vaccine distribution. - 1/20/2021

Singapore has launched a new $9 million Blockchain Innovation Programme with the goal of becoming a global blockchain hub. The project will foster development, commercialization and adoption of blockchain technologies by a variety of businesses. - 12/10/2020

Blockchain technology could play a major role in the safe and secure disarmament of nuclear weapons. A new policy report suggests the technology could facilitate trust and discretion among nations participating in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty as they dismantle their weapons. - 11/6/2020

A blockchain-based platform is being used to facilitate cross-border travel and tourism between mainland China and the autonomous region of Macao. The health records platform enables secure health data sharing while adhering to security and privacy regulations. - 10/30/2020

The U.S. National Security Council has named distributed ledger technology as one of 20 critical focus areas in the technology battle with China and Russia. The distinction means the Council is considering investing in, developing, adopting and promoting the technology, which provides the foundation… - 10/22/2020

India has hosted a series of webinars to discuss using blockchain technology to enable remote voting in the country. The move would allow India's approximately 51 million migrant and seasonal workers to be able to vote remotely. - 10/14/2020

Twitter and Square CEO has announced the company is moving toward a decentralized model that will use blockchain and bitcoin to store content and ensure security. The company has created a nonprofit group devoted to creating a public blockchain platform that will replace Twitter's existing centraliz… - 10/5/2020

The United States Space Force and U.S. Air Force Research Lab have awarded a contract to Xage Security. The company will provide end-to-end data protection to the USSF using the blockchain-based Xage Security Fabric offering. - 9/23/2020

Etisalat Digital, the digital arm of United Arab Emirates (UAE) telecommunications firm Etisalat, recently announced a new partnership with Smartworld to exclusively bring Shahada, a tamper-proof digital certificate platform, to all educational institutions in the region. - 9/21/2020

The recently amended Consumer Safety Act, proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives, includes legislation covering blockchain and AI technologies. Among other things, the Act would establish a Blockchain Center for Excellence within the Department of Commerce. - 9/17/2020

The USPS has filed a patent for a mail-in voting system that uses blockchain along with other technologies for security and verification. The solution would be used in collaboration with election governing bodies. - 9/8/2020

Blockchain technology already underpins the sophisticated networks that manage payments, sales, trading, and the supply chain. Many utilities are already using the technology to safeguard vital processes that help deliver energy to commercial and residential customers. Blockchain can help streamline… - 9/4/2020

Digital court recording firm For The Record announced a new patent for verifying recordings leveraging blockchain technology. - 8/4/2020

Blockchain is being applied in a multitude of industries to solve transparency and privacy challenges, just to name a couple. Food manufacturers are using it to track their supply chains, healthcare is exploring using it for patient data and blockchain is being put to work in the fight against the c… - 7/2/2020

Department of Homeland Security's research arm has announced that it plans to expand its current testing of blockchain technology to prevent forgery and counterfeiting of certificates and licenses. - 7/1/2020

Unilever, parent company for Ben & Jerry's, Vaseline and other brands, will use blockchain and other technologies to create a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023. The company has also launched a number of sustainable initiatives designed to reduce its carbon footprint. - 6/19/2020

Moscow has announced a new blockchain-based voting system will be used for Russia's upcoming vote on extending Vladimir Putin's presidency. The city chose the technology for its encryption and decentralization. - 6/18/2020

Three European companies have teamed up to develop a blockchain-based COVID-19 health passport. The offering helps governments monitor coronavirus immunity in real time, while protecting participants privacy through a decentralized system. - 5/28/2020

Fujitsu and Accenture's joint blockchain interoperability project has officially become part of the Hyperledger Greenhouse. The Hyperledger Cactus project offers a pluggable architecture that enables the execution of ledger operations across multiple blockchains. - 5/19/2020

With more than 100 vaccines in development, can a blockchain system increase the chances of success through enhanced collaboration? - 5/15/2020

New research from the World Economic Forum shows that blockchain has a major role to play in the adaptive global supply chain being built as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. - 5/15/2020

The U.S. Congress is examining blockchain technology to enable remote voting during COVID-19. A staff memo revealed blockchain and end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) applications were being researched. - 5/8/2020

China has launched the first e-government blockchain platform ("Blockchain + Electronic Certificate and License") in Anhui, and will deliver the more than 60 million citizens of the province with a number of services to support businesses in the region. - 5/7/2020

In June 2019, IBM, Walmart, Merck and KPMG teamed up on a drug-tracing blockchain pilot program for the FDA. Today, the joint venture unveiled its results to the FDA, with the confidence this DLT (distributed ledger technology) is the solution to the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). - 5/4/2020

Governments, health organizations and private companies throughout the world are coming together to use blockchain technologies in the global fight against COVID-19. - 5/1/2020

The Chinese government has announced plans to use blockchain, as well as AI, cloud computing and the IoT, to form systems for information flow management and economic planning. The country's Blockchain Service Network (BSN) has been launched domestically and will open up to global companies this wee… - 4/23/2020

New research indicates blockchain is among the most popular technologies set for adoption among enterprises this year, particularly in the financial sector. Other popular technologies include AI, machine learning, public cloud and robotic process automation. - 4/9/2020

Buyers of the Breitling Top Time Limited Edition, which features the classic "Zorro dial," will be able to access the watch's digital passport at any time and transfer ownership - if they choose to do so - with a simple blockchain transaction. Breitling has partnered with security platform Arianee t… - 4/3/2020



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