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TMCNet:  Cloud Gaming Pioneer Sevan Kessissian Joins DMarket

[December 05, 2018]

Cloud Gaming Pioneer Sevan Kessissian Joins DMarket

SANTA MONICA, California, December 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Former G-cluster board member to bring DMarket monetization technology to game developers and publishers  

DMarket, an in-game items monetization technology and platform, is excited to announce the appointment of Sevan Kessissian as its Vice President of Business Development.

As a business executive, entrepreneur and innovation leader with 17 years of experience in gaming, TV, entertainment, and telecoms, Sevan Kessissian empowers the DMarket team to skyrocket its blockchain-based technology for monetizing in-game content.

DMarket's new VP of Business Development has strong expertise in bringing new technologies to te gaming industry. He pioneered cloud gaming as early as 2008, launching the first "Netflix for video games" at Tokyo-based G-cluster, with multi-million household deployments with telecoms operators as early as 2010. He partnered with more than 250 titles and 60 studios, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Disney, Warner Brothers and Konami.

"We are excited to have Sevan Kessissian as part of our team," said Vlad Panchenko, Founder and CEO of DMarket. "He made the cloud gaming revolution happen, and brought it to the mass market level. It's a trend these days where even Google and Microsoft have their own projects. Sevan is now set to launch a new chapter of gaming history with DMarket."

Sevan Kessissian is ready to build the next big disruption in the gaming industry based on blockchain technology. "DMarket is the gaming platform of the future, providing tremendous revenue opportunities for game studios as well as unique benefits for players all around the world," the cloud gaming pioneer adds.

About DMarket 
DMarket is an in-game items monetization technology and platform. Gamers buy, sell, and exchange in-game items, while developers gain revenue from every transaction fee, expand their game communities, and increase the lifetime value of their titles.

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