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TMCNet:  VOSAI Demonstrates Capabilities of its Decentralized Machine Learning Infrastructure

[December 05, 2018]

VOSAI Demonstrates Capabilities of its Decentralized Machine Learning Infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- VOSAI, developer of the first and only decentralized machine learning infrastructure for enterprise, today announced the launch of a set of starter kits that demonstrate the potential of the company's platform, a specialized blockchain for artificial intelligence (AI). The kits provide example uses for multiple essential applications of machine learning and AI as the company advances its relationships in industries including agriculture, construction, finance and healthcare.

"These demo kits allow us to bring VOSAI one step closer to our goal of providing the benefits of AI to the masses," said VOSAI Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Rodriguez. "The uses we're highlighting demonstrate to developers the most generic functions of AI that apply as foundational examples to nearly all applications of machine learning.  Moreover, VOSAI's API was designed for any developer regardless of machine learning experience, so companies don't need big budgets or in-house expertise to leverage the power of AI."

The demo kits in the initial release will include developer tools for the following applications:

  • Object Identification
  • Facial Recognition
  • Bill Identification
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Chatbot Systems
  • Object Ranging
  • Weight Scale Based on Image Recognition
  • Cryptocurrency Value Predictor

"Our patented distributed ledger technology (DLT), called PATHWAY, represents the next evolution of blockchain technology," said VOSAI Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Offier, Tim Tilson. "PATHWAY is the first blockchain to leverage perception hashes to represent raw data, images, video and audio, which allows us to store data publicly without risk to privacy or security.  This allows our customers to draw from the collective machine learned data stored on our blockchain, serving as an ecosystem foundation for today's and tomorrow's AI-powered applications." 

The Microsoft sponsored report spotlighting VOSAI on NowThis Future, entitled, "AI for Change" shows how the company can use object identification in the detection of crop disease for the agriculture industry and building defects in construction. VOSAI is also establishing partnerships in the healthcare and insurance sectors, in which potential use cases include dietary intake analysis for nutrition and activity modification suggestions, as well as behavioral policy pricing and customer coverage personalization.

For developers interested in learning how to build applications leveraging VOSAI, the demo kits will be released throughout December and into 2019 and will be made available for use on the company website at


VOSAI is the first and only decentralized machine learning infrastructure for the enterprise, developed on the backbone of its patent pending blockchain called PATHWAY, the next evolution of blockchain technology. Instead of recording cryptocurrency transactions, PATHWAY stores the output of machine learning computation, and leverages the computational horsepower of coin miners' hardware as an inexpensive alternative to cloud or server-based solutions, providing the benefits of machine learning to its industry partners while compensating miners for the use of their hardware. In addition to PATHWAY, the VOSAI ecosystem also includes its Learner application, the company's Miner/app framework used by miners to perform machine learning computations.  Additionally, the VOSAI API is an easy-to-use customer interface that requires no machine learning expertise or data science knowledge.

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