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TMCNet:  DOSC Chain Releases its White Paper

[February 04, 2019]

DOSC Chain Releases its White Paper

BEIJING, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, DOSC Chain officially released its white paper. With the development of the main chain and internal testing, DOSC Chain will launch in the near future.

DOSC Chain is a public-chain platform for financial payments, aiming to build a future-oriented and completely decentralized digital ecological platform. The goal of the platform is to provide users with a variety of personalized financial services, including investment and financial management, intelligent payments and other fields. DOSC Chain Blockchain Protocol uses a token mechanism, which provides users and developers with a consumer-oriented and decentralized financial service platform. Users do not need to know about encryption and blockchaintechnology. DOSC tokens enable users to deal with intelligent contracts and trust mechanisms, which build a convenient and fast payment system. Based on an open ecological environment, DOSC Chain can provide services to organizations of different forms in different cultures and languages in different countries around the world. DOSC Chain's mission is to enable online users worldwide to achieve fast and secure payment and reshape the payment rules of the payment community through the "blockchain + smart payment" pattern, helping global users enjoy an unprecedented trading experience with DOSC Chain's platform.

DOSC Chain is responsible for innovating intelligent payments, upgrading the global digital ecological business model and building a new vision of a better life. By innovating and digitizing the blockchain industrial ecology, DOSC Chain can further the development of blockchain technology and promote blockchain applications to serve social progress and business development.

DOSC Chain will provide a safe, fair and open platform for global users, building a world-class distributed digital currency ecological model. DOSC Chain will exploit the powerful strength of our team, applying our overwhelming core of convergence technology, working with high-quality investors and consultants to achieve our vision and goals with 100% enthusiasm and resources.


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