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TMCNet:  Ankr Network: Distributing the Cloud, Listed on (

[March 11, 2019]

Ankr Network: Distributing the Cloud, Listed on (

Ankr is a blockchain based distributed cloud computing network, providing serverless infrastructure for the business application. The project is dedicated to leveraging idle computing resources in data centers and other devices. The main goal of the project is to "provide a smooth on-hand experience for cloud users and minimize the switching cost to integrate Ankr's DCCN into their solutions."

Unlike any other project in the space, the main aspect of Ankr makes energy consumed for wasteful computation profitable. Ankr paves the path for cheaper and more accessible computing power to users as it adopts a Sharing Economy model. With this model, users can monetize their devices' computing power on a public and private cloud at a given time.

Ankr is container-native, supports container orchestration and confederation cross clusters and cross data centers to automate application deployment, scaling, and management in any personal device or commercial resource provider. The DCCN platform uses multiple-master-multiple-slave architecture. The masters include the marketplaces and schedulers, and the slaves include all kinds of resource providers, usually data centers and personal devices. Core product components include service discovery, load balancing and routing, API gateway, autoscaling and self-healing, scheduler and jo management, marketplace, configuration management, metering and telemetry, logging and metrics. Moreover, Ankr provides all the computational services that match to those offered by centralized technology companies such as Amazon and Google (News - Alert) for a much cheaper price, adding along the benefits of blockchain technology to it.

Ankr launched its ICO in August of 2018, and was primarily listed on ("BitMax") on March 5th 2019. is the industry leading next-generation digital asset exchange that provides a broad range of financial products and services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe. This innovative trading platform was founded by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans and built upon the core values of blockchain, transparency and reliability, to deliver high-quality client services and trading experience.

Ankr is first and foremost focused on enterprise adoption, recognizing the link between idle resources and inefficient inventories, and already has a breadth of real use cases, including: computation-heavy applications where computation offsets communications, Monte Carlo simulations (e.g., medical/geological research), and time-sensitive signal processing offloading (e.g., rendering for AR/VR). An appreciation for the amount of waste and under-leveraged systems in corporate ecosystems has led Ankr to focus on streamlining and bringing efficiencies to enterprises.

Ankr recently formed a partnership agreement with Telefonica (News - Alert), Spain's largest telecommunications company. Ankr will launch a data center pilot project, leveraging Telefonica's existing data centers and idle resources to build proof of concepts, allowing users to virtualize and monetize their idle system resources like CPU & RAM (News - Alert). Ankr also aims to build OEM partnerships with Telefonica's PC and mobile users, growing Ankr's network and allowing its users to experience Ankr's platform, in turn getting compensated for their processing power contributions.

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