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TMCNet:  Elixxir Shares BetaNet Application Results on Open Forum, Welcomes Community Input and Participation

[May 09, 2019]

Elixxir Shares BetaNet Application Results on Open Forum, Welcomes Community Input and Participation

NEW YORK, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Elixxir, David Chaum's groundbreaking full-stack blockchain platform, today published an online forum containing all BetaNet node applications and information received as part of Elixxir's open and community-driven node selection process.

The Elixxir node forum is open to public participation, and the Elixxir team welcomes community members to view, comment, and take part in discussions shaping the launch of Elixxir's metadata-protecting, privacy-first platform.

"We are delighted to have received so many applications from node operators around the world for the Elixxir BetaNet. Starting today, we welcome feedback from every community member who shares our passion for protecting digital privacy and security," said Elixxir CEO and Founder David Chaum.

Elixxir received a total of 870 BetaNet node applications, far exceeding expectations. Demonstrating widespread interest in privacy-preserving technologies, node operators reflect a remarkable level of diversity.  Applications included:

  • 6 continents
  • 76 countries
  • 58 languages spoken
  • 401 operators with experience running nodes on other protocols
  • 250+ professions, including professional node operators, IT professionals, software developers, privacy and security professionals, accountants, economists, dentists, structural engineers, financial advisers, nd an anthropologist.

The node forum represents step 4 of Elixxir's six-step BetaNet selection process. The process was designed to diminish the core team's influence over selection by opening applications to community feedback and review. The forum will serve as a hub for community discussion as Elixxir moves toward step 5, scheduled for June 3rd, when an initial set of nodes will be selected and their profiles published for public review and feedback.

The Elixxir BetaNet will ultimately run on approximately 100 BetaNet nodes, demonstrating an implementation of the cMix protocol, published this week by Elixxir. The Elixxir meta-data protecting platform efficiently supports a range of transactions including decentralized application (dApp) data transfer.

About Elixxir
Elixxir is a full-stack blockchain platform designed to support more than 100k transactions per second while providing full metadata unlinkability and anonymity, and messaging and payment finality in under ten seconds. While promises of scalability and privacy are common in the cryptocurrency space, Elixxir's claims are technically substantiated. The platform has been running successfully for months in an AlphaNet environment and the rollout of Elixxir's BetaNet is currently in progress. David Chaum is leading the development of this groundbreaking platform, which is powered by his cryptographic breakthroughs, such as the cMix mixnet, that together make data privacy accessible without sacrificing user experience.

About Elixxir's Founder, Dr. David Chaum
Founder and CEO David Chaum is the inventor of DigiCash, the first cryptocurrency, and a pioneer in developing cryptographic protocols addressing challenges in security, privacy and voting. With a PhD  in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, Chaum's thesis introduced many of the elements of what decades later became Bitcoin. David is accompanied by an experienced technical and academic team with backgrounds in cryptography, information technology, economics and finance.

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