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TMCNet:  Blockchain in the Automotive Industry, 2019-2023 -

[June 11, 2019]

Blockchain in the Automotive Industry, 2019-2023 -

The "Blockchain in the Automotive Industry 2019-2023" report has been added to's offering.

Blockchain in the automotive industry may not be mainstream yet, but it sure is developing.

The automotive industry is changing. Every year, more and more electronic components are put into cars. The building of smart cities and the use of driverless cars and Artificial Intelligence means that said cars will have to learn to interact with the environment, to process all the data sent to them and sent by them. Vehicle manufacturers and software developers will have to find ways to protect users and to make their driving experience better.

The use of Blockchain in the automotive industry could lead to more transparency and more security as well as faster transaction, bringing the cost of making, buying and owning a car down.

However, more electronics and more data mean more threats. The Blockchain technology is not always understood, leading to a slow adoption rate. The newness also means that there are not always clear regulations pertaining to its use.

This report contains:

  • Mapping of companies, oganizations and key players
  • Analysis of automotive blockchain's drivers and challenges
  • Key trend and developments assessments
  • Forecast of the development of the market during the 2019-2023 period

Key Topics Covered

1. Definition of Blockchain and the technologies around it

  • Definition
  • How the Blockchain works
  • Public and private blockchains
  • Smart Contract
  • Distributed ledgers/decentralized database

2. Drivers

  • Transparency and security:
    • The recording of data
    • Financial transactions
    • Software updates for cars
  • Reduced cost:
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Shared cars
    • Fully autonomous cars
  • Faster transactions:
    • Automatic payments

3. Challenges

  • Regulatory status:
    • Conflict of jurisdiction
    • Different laws depending on the country and/or the state
  • Security, privacy and control:
    • The protection of data and the right to be forgotten
    • 51% attack
  • Slow adoption rate
    • The immutability of the Blockchain
    • Late interest and adoption

4. Market forecast

  • Global Blockchain market size 2019-2023
  • Market share of the automotive industry 2019-2023

5. Mapping of companies and organization

  • Blockchain in the automotive industry
  • Key players

Companies Mentioned

  • BitSe
  • Daimler
  • DocuSign
  • IBM
  • Microsoft (News - Alert)
  • Porsche
  • Renault
  • Toyota
  • UBS
  • Visa
  • Xain AG

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