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TMCNet:  Need an Augmented Reality Developer? Here are the Top 10

[June 11, 2019]

Need an Augmented Reality Developer? Here are the Top 10

The Augmented Reality and AR development market share has multiplied exponentially in the last few years. According to one estimate, the mobile Augmented Reality market will reach 200 million users during 2018, which is more than double compared to the 2013 stats.

The charges for hiring a freelance augmented reality developer will vary anywhere between $20 to $50 per hour. There is a plethora of developers all over the world.

We looked all over the internet and came up with a list of the best Augmented Reality developers for you.

Name/Search Id: Piotr W Found on: Success ratio: 100% Brief Information: Piotr has logged in 91 hours on Upwork with a primary focus on Virtual, Augmented and Mixeda Reality.

Piotr has vast experience working on AR and VR projects for real estate industry, automotive industry, trainings, and education, entertainment and events industry, and tourism industry.

Name/Search Id: Xiaolong J Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 5-star rating Brief information: Has worked on Augmented Reality apps like PokemonGo and ColoringShow with a repeat hire ratio of 18%. Other than Augmented Reality apps Xiaolong also has experience working on Unity3D, Making 3D Model, C#, Hybrid App Development(Xamarin, Ionic, react-native) etc. His project completion ratio is 100% on time and Charges $30 per hour.

Subscribe free now to get more technological updates! Name/Search Id: BlessingAppMaker Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 4.9 Brief information: Has developed more than 100+ projects including AR/VR and mobile games and applications which are published on Google Play store and Apple App Store. Charges $30 per hour with 88% projects completed on time. The repeat hire ratio is very good at 47%.

Name/Search Id: Gustavo M.

Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 90% Brief information: Gustavo has logged in 175 hours on Upwork till date; he charges $50 per hour. Gustavo has worked on AR app projects in educational, commercial and industrial sectors.

Name/Search Id: Dmitriy Y.

Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 100% Brief information: With 2 years of experience in Augmented reality, Dimitri has logged in 142 hours on Upwork; his charges are $50 per hour. Additional skills include Programming Languages/ Technologies: C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C; Target mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Name/Search Id: MasterAll999 Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 5 Brief information: With over 5 years of experience the charges are $30 on an hourly basis, the on-time completion ratio of this developer is 97%. Some of the primary skills listed by this developer are Game & AR/VR & HTC & Kinect Unity Developer, Android, iPhone, Xcode, Swift, C/C++, C#, Java, etc.

Name/Search Id: Shahin F Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 81% Brief information: Shahin’s primary focus is on iOS development with work done in Augmented Reality. Total hours logged on Upwork are 274 hours with a job success ratio of 81%. He charges $59 per hour.

Name/Search Id: webking1234 Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 5-star rating Brief information: Charges $9 per hour with 100% jobs completed on time. Provides the good solution in Augmented reality and Virtual reality and Sensor based application.

Name/Search Id: Roman I Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 97 % Success ratio Brief information: Roman has logged in 497 hours on Upwork and his hourly charges are $52. His other area of expertise includes Unity GUI (complex animations and effects) – Multiplayer: Photon (PUN) & Unity networking (uNET) and a lot more.

Name/Search Id: Yanying D Found on: Success Ratio/Rating: 5 Star rating Brief information: With over 10 years of experience in software development Yanying’s On-time completion rate is 99%. Area of expertise includes OS, Android, C/C++, PHP, MySQL, NodeJs, WebRTC, Aurelia, Angular 1 & 2, WordPress and Augmented/Virtual Reality.

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