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TMCNet:  UCK Network Launches UCK Miner, provides easy access to Blockchain for Beginners

[June 12, 2019]

UCK Network Launches UCK Miner, provides easy access to Blockchain for Beginners

SHANGHAI, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore Blockchain team UCK Network announced to launch UCK Miner, as part of UCK Network, enabling beginners to mine cryptocurrency with their idle computing power or CPU.

UCK Network, easy Key to Blockchain world.

As the mining program is written in the Mini mining hardware, it doesn't require any programming knowledge for users to quickly start mining with the UCK mining gadget. The mining program can work with idle computing power and CPUs from most computers, instead large equipment or specialized hardware. With UCK Miner, users can easily access the blockchain ecology.

Most blockchain interactions such as mining, cryptocurrency investment, and blockchain applications (Dapps) are not user-friendly. Thus, there're very few active users, resulting in the blockchain ecological develoing very slowly. To solve these problems, the UCK Network team started with cryptocurrency mining, offering an easier and lower-cost way to access the blockchain ecosystem for users with no programming or hardware knowledge.

UCK Miner provides distributed storage network interfaces such as Lambda and IPFS to utilize users' idle resources for mining. It's "multi-mining" function will optimize mining options for users through an intelligent algorithm to generate the most profits. Moreover, to protect users' computers, UCK Miner will intelligently allocate resources, that is, when there're tasks running, the mining program will be slowed down or suspended accordingly, ensuring users' main tasks run smoothly. UCK Miner is also equipped with a UCK Wallet to facilitate invest management and Dapp use.

Users' private key for cryptocurrency wallets will be embedded in their UCK Miners, through which they can easily login to their wallets, trading cryptocurrencies. User can also switch among different exchange accounts, which largely reduces problems in cross-exchange investment management.

In the UCK multi-function wallet, users can visit the UCK Dapp Store, where they can download or search Dapps by categories, rankings and UCK suggestions, and pay with UCK Wallets if needed.

Moses Ma, founder of UCK Network said: "Based on the easy-use, low-cost, zero-risk UCK Miner, we're providing users with a one-stop solution including mining, investment management and Dapps. We believe it will effectively solves various problems for users to adopt blockchain and be the key to the blockchain world for normal users."

The UCK Network team has been developing UCK Miner since 2017. The latest version, UCK Miner 2.0, completed testing and will be introduced to the market shortly.

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