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TMCNet:  ECP+ presented MARS Blockchain Mainnet and DAPP Launch

[July 08, 2019]

ECP+ presented MARS Blockchain Mainnet and DAPP Launch

SEOUL, South Korea, July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ECP+, a cryptocurrency company, successfully completed its second meetup at COEX on June 27, with about 1,500 people attending.

ECP+ presented MARS Blockchain Mainnet and DAPP Launch

ECP+ Second meetup released ECP+ mainnet and ECP+ DAPP, gaining high interest and response from the attendees.

In this meetup, the company explained that it has become more competitive as services in various domestic and foreign sectors can be linked through blockchain ecosystem platform based on next-generation blockchain complementary technology and blockchain technology through authentication and settlement provided by mainnet through the release of MARS blockchain mainnet and ECP+ DAPP.

In addition to achieving the largest number of real users and alliance stores, ECP+ has made strides in a variety of lifestyle areas.

ECP+ is a cryptocurrency developed with the aim of practical use and various economic activities such as cryptocurrency trading, remittance, currency exchange and global payment have been made possible through ECP+ DAPP's own application released this time.

In particular, it boasts the best technology based on patented next-generation MARS blockchain technology.

As the main point of the cryptocurrency's biggest success based on blockchain technology lies in "commercialization," it is expected that ECP+, which is leading the way in this commercialization, will perform.

ECP+ will help users expand their industry to the public and strengthen their popularity through partnerships with other industries such as shopping centers, hotels, environment and global business.

ECP+ is designed to maximize utilities and simplify transactional processes based on new innovated technologies. ECP+ recommends a simple and convenient transaction process with minimal complexity and additional costs. This has been a powerful force for sellers and customers due to reduced incidental costs and increased productivity, enabling them to be used not only at home but also at various domestic subsidiaries and partners such as China, the United States and Vietnam, including hotels, franchises, online shopping malls and performances abroad.

ECP+ operator TEO CONSULTING GROUP.The INC. stressed that 'ECP+ COIN' is the most practical use cryptocurrency in Korea and abroad, and said, "As we are pushing for the application of the tourism industry and the real economy based on our own blockchain technology, we can look forward to the business going forward."

You can download Android version ECP+DAPP through the Google Play Store.

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