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TMCNet:  The 4th term general recruitment of accelerator program

[August 08, 2019]

The 4th term general recruitment of accelerator program "ACCEL PROGRAM" has started

TOKYO, Aug. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 4th term general recruitment of a comprehensive support accelerator program, launched by TECHFUND, has started. The program gathers domestic and overseas startups to support everything from business design to development and marketing for its own ICO / IEO / STO. It is applicable to startups in Japan and overseas that are considering ICO / IEO / STO overseas (applicants can apply by individuals and teams before starting a business).

TECHFUND Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Piske Kawahara, Yuta Matsuyama), which provides technology investment business for domestic and overseas startups and new business development support programs for large companies and Blockchain as a Service business is the 4th term general recruitment of accelerator program "ACCEL PROGRAM" has started.

As for the latest results, Ether Security, a company participating in our accelerator program, raised tens of millions yen from East Ventures.

Accelerator program details

1. Business scheme and token economy design

  • Business models that take advantage of the characteristics of blockchain will be designed and provide token economy design support.
  • Support for hypothesis testing. Experienced members support the difficulty of business-specific verification using blockchain. Hold regular meetings once a week.
  • Alliance support with major companies including listed companies in Japan. We support the creation of relationships with major domestic companies such as Nomura Holdings and Asteria, our shareholders, and SoftBank and PwC.
  • Introduce professional lawyers so that ICO / IEO / STO can be implemented with appropriate content.
  • Since the situation regarding ICO / IEO / STO varies from country to country, the situation in each country are constantly investigated and providing support for establishment in the appropriate country such as Singapore or Swiss.

2. Development

  • Supports development of services related to blockchain, such as development support for protocol itself or protocol SDKs and APIs, development support for smart contracts and wallet applications during DApps development, and support for quantum theory countermeasures for hardware wallets To do.
  • Work with security audit partners to support smart contract and service security audits.
  • Token and crowdsale contract development and campaign support such as KYC, Airdrop, Referral Program.

3. Marketing

  • Planning and implementation support for marketing strategies centered on Asia.
  • Accelerate token sales from pre-sale to cloud sale by helping to build relationships with investors and users around the world.
  • We support listing on a cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchange. Exchanges that do not conduct KYC properly will not be introduced, as they may help sell cryptocurrency without registration.
  • On the last day of the program, a mentoring day will be held in Singapore with support companies and institutional investors.

Application Requirements

  • Requirements: Must be a domestic or overseas startup considering ICO / IEO / STO overseas, or an individual or team before starting a business.
  • Recruitment starts: July 22
  • Application deadline: August 15
  • Number of selected companies: Up to 8 companies planned

Application method

Please apply from the entry form on the "ACCEL PROGRAM" special site below.

Achievements so far

  • Start-up support: More than 300 companies
  • Total funding from supported startups: about US$ 2.3 million 
  • Startup countries participating in the program: Over 8 countries
  • Connection with institutional investors: more than 100 companies, 14 countries
  • Support for new businesses at major domestic companies such as listed companies: More than 30 companies

Participation project in the third (first term) "ACCEL PROGRAM"


A project that provides cloud mining services such as PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain Tezos and COSMOS. A notable startup that has raised tens of millions of yen from East Ventures. Engineers who have influence and well-known names in the Japanese blockchain community belong to several famous places, and we are proceeding with development to support multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and IOST.


This is a blockchain platform project that realizes the storage, management, and movement of DNA data in Israel, where Mr. Ofer Lidsky, CEO of Software Engineer in the medical industry for over 30 years, serves as CEO. We aim to realize data management while maintaining anonymity.


This is a Taiwan-based project that develops and custodians a hardware wallet "Kelvin Wallet" that can take measures against quantum computers. Members include Harvard University graduates and current National Taiwan University professors, and CTO Ming-Shing Chen is presenting a paper on quantum computer countermeasures at the university.


This is a protocol development project that uses directed acyclic graph (DAG), which is expected to solve blockchain scalability problems. In Japan, we are proceeding with developments for demonstration experiments and practical application in ministries and large companies.

About TECHFUND Inc. 

TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATOR was launched on 9th October 2014 under the vision of "Making entrepreneurs a major occupation!" Implemented the "ACCEL PROGRAM" as the world's first technology investment fund to support startups through "technology investment (* 1)" that invests technology instead of money. He has been involved in mentoring and due diligence for over 300 teams, and has invested in technology for 10 companies. At the same time, the company provides "ACCEL PROGRAM for BIZ", an in-house accelerator program for major companies including domestic listed companies. Contributing to innovation creation for more than 30 major companies.

As of 2019, we are focusing on supporting blockchain and token offering projects. It also develops and provides "ACCEL BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)" to "accelerate" blockchain startup and enterprise blockchain application development.

(* 1) Technology investment: An investment method in which technology is invested instead of money and equity is paid in return. Overseas, it is called "Sweat Equity".



Company profile

  • Company name: TECHFUND Inc.
  • Location: Aura Omotesando 202, 4-22-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Established date: October 9, 2014 (Tech Day in Japanese)
  • Capital: 140 million yen (as of July 2019)
  • Representative: Peaske Kawahara, Yuta Matsuyama
  • Business description: Operation of technology investment program for entrepreneurs, operation of innovation program for large enterprises, development and provision of blockchain cloud services, token offering related business
  • URL:
  • Official Facebook Page:

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