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TMCNet:  OPTIONANTE Review 2020 - Is This Safe And Reliable?

[July 31, 2020]

OPTIONANTE Review 2020 - Is This Safe And Reliable?

KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT, and GRENADINES, July 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The recent growth of Optionante has been astronomical in its truest sense. The fact that it has already garnered 70,000 subscribers and 1,500 simultaneous users (SU) is a testimony to its success. Additionally, the platform has been constantly clocking a winning rate of 88%, thus giving users a relatively stable return on their investments. Furthermore, it has a dedicated customer support team that offers 24/7 support in 5 languages across several countries including Japan, China, Germany, France and the UK. 

These stats are good enough to establish Optionante’s reliability as a trading platform. However, this review will further strengthen its position, and also provide you with an adequate understanding of whether it fits your trading needs or not. 


About Optionante

Optionante is one of the most rliable binary options company headquartered in Kingstown, St.Vincent & Grenadine, operated and controlled by Europe Ltd. 

It is equipped with a triple security system that guarantees customers' anonymity and strengthens stability through transactions using Bitcoin. Additionally, it also offers extra convenience for all its users by making itself available across multiple devices including mobile phones. To put it simply, anyone with an active internet connection can sign up on the platform and start trading. Interestingly, Optionante’s binary platform is Web-based and hence the users do not need to download any additional application or software. 

Furthermore, the platform’s versatile and flexible nature allows all customers to swap Contracts for Variations (CFDs) on currencies, Foreign Exchange market (Forex) and other virtual currencies from the outset as a dealer in digital options. All of these services operate round the clock, and customer orders on the platform are processed in the shortest possible time. 

Ending Note

If you're venturing into trading for the first time, it is always wise to use a simple platform, so that you can get hold of all the functionalities easily. It also plays a major role in avoiding unnecessary time wastage. Optionante is convenient, easy-to-use, and perfect for amateur traders. It has a readable UI and offers flexible functionalities. 

To sum it up, OPTIONANTE is a binary options platform that enables you to invest your precious assets in your stable future. It offers a high winning rate, secure and transparent API, and safe trading environment.

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