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TMCNet:  Block Monsters Makes Huge Strides after Launching on September 8th

[September 13, 2021]

Block Monsters Makes Huge Strides after Launching on September 8th

London, UK, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Block Monsters, a blockchain-based Adventure/RPG gaming platform, is now live. The exciting gaming metaverse that allows users to bring back their childhood memories launched successfully on September 8th at 2 PM CET.

Within 24 hours of launch, the platform secured listings on top-tier crypto ranking websites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The game also onboarded 39,000 members on Telegram and now boasts over 19000 $MNSTRS holders. 

Since its onset, other achievements from the Block Monsters team include releasing an upgraded Dashboard designed to be faster and more robust. 

Buying a Blockmon NFT Starterpack with $MNSTRS

To get started on the Blockmonsters adventure, gaming enthusiasts must first acquire $MNSTRS. The utility tokens enable participants to collect NFT-based creatures (Blockmons) and fight or trade with their peers on the platform.

Early-bird investors acquired their $MNSTRS in the just concluded Blockmonster Presale that offered a 1000 BNB hard cap. New users interested in joining the metaverse are required to buy their bag of $MNSTRS to participate. 

To purchase tokens, you should first go to this swap address on Pancake Swap. Once on the page, wait for the pop-up "Import Token" and click "I understand" to proceed. The prompt will require you to connect a wallet to purchase the desired amount of $MNSTRS (6% Slippage).

Users can now unlock a Blockmon NT Starterpack on the upgraded Dashboard and kick off their Block Monsters adventure. Each pack contains one randomly assigned starter Blockmon and a small amount of $MNSTRS to give all participants the best possible start to their journey.

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Once on the Dashboard, click on "buy Starterpack" and confirm the transaction to own your very first Blockmon. The Blockmon is your gate pass into the metaverse.

The ultimate goal of each gamer is to become the best Block Monsters Champion by owning at least 150 NFT creatures. Gamers can trade their NFTs for $MNSTRS on a decentralized marketplace and collect more shiny Blockmons. 

Blockmon Booster Packs Are Coming Soon!

The Block Monsters team will periodically release a limited amount of Booster Packs that enable users to unlock new Blockmons. The packs allow Block Monsters champions to unlock NFTs that possess higher rarity, level and evolution. 

Owners of super limited Blockmons can trade them on the marketplace for more exclusive NFTs or $MNSTRS and gradually build their reputation in the metaverse. The most competitive players walk away with a chance to unlock booster packs and acquire new NFTs or upgrade their Blockmons to the next level Evolution. 

Block Monster champions also get significant achievements such as catching exclusive creatures or winning Blockchain Fights against Trainers or Gym leaders. 

Fostering Stronger Community Growth

Block Monster is a community-driven adventure game. Therefore, the project backers are committed to building a vibrant community to propel the metaverse to greater heights.

The team recently unveiled their new discord server, where community members can learn everything about the game, starter/booster packs, and Blockmon NFTs. Furthermore, the project has adopted an elaborate strategy to engage the community via regular meme contests and airdrops.

The Block Monsters community has been very supportive despite a recent incident where one chat moderator posted a fake contract address in the main chat. Unfortunately, the individual managed to scam thousands of dollars from unsuspecting users. 

The project developers were fully transparent about the incident and quickly embarked on restoring community trust and regaining the momentum lost from the severe setback.

Block Monsters has since taken corrective action to cover the damage caused by the rogue moderator and prove to everyone that the project isn't a sham. To this end, the team has airdropped over 350 BNB to reimburse every community member who lost funds via the phoney contract address.

The team has also adopted a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure Block Monsters takes its place as a leader in blockchain-based gaming.

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