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Terbine Launches Blockchain IoT Data Exchange to Accelerate Data Sharing and Monetization

August 22, 2018

Terbine has announced its new IoT Data Exchange, designed to radically increase the rate of adoption for sharing of machine-generated data between companies, public agencies and academic institutions.

Traditionally, IoT data has been kept in “silos” that are not discoverable by the outside world. The IoT Data Exchange uses advanced metadata and blockchain technology to provide a trusted, traceable and searchable system for finding the data sources required for applications ranging from autonomous vehicle navigation to quantitative hedge fund analytics. Data providers can optionally monetize their data feeds at scale, something not available before.

“IoT data has been stored in ‘silos’ and not made available outside of the organizations that generate it, except through very laborious one-to-one data sharing agreements,” said David Knight, Founder and CEO, Terbine. “The IoT Data Exchange enables seamless discovery of data sources, while handling the core elements required to facilitate data-based commerce.”

Features of the Exchange include on-the-fly handling of data sourcing, searching, rights management, international transfers, tracking, monetization and giving data providers complete control over who can see and retrieve their data. The system is available for white-labeling to organizations desiring their own branded version.

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