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Blockchain Momentum Driving New Programs at Universities

September 21, 2018

The growth of the blockchain industry – largely driven by tech companies like IBM, which is dominating the enterprise blockchain space, and innovative global businesses like MasterCard, which is looking to take shake up the payment industry with blockchain – naturally lends itself to the expansion of educational curricula at colleges and universities looking to attract top students by offering the courses in the latest technologies.

New York University (NYU), which already offered courses in Blockchain, has now expanded its course selection due to demand, and has announced students will be able to major in blockchain through its Stern School of Business.  While the majority of the world’s top 50 universities offer at least one blockchain course, NYU believes it is the first to offer a blockchain as an undergraduate major.  When the school first began offering a blockchain course, 35 students signed up.  By this spring, that number had increased by more than six times. 

NYU is ranked by U.S. News as the 28th best university in the world, and Stern is listed by many publications as offering the top blockchain education in the United States

It’s a logical move for NYU, with so much blockchain innovation happening in New York City, the world’s second largest financial hub (second only to London).  As blockchain projects continue to evolve and take on higher priority in business strategy, student interest will only increase. 

As blockchain continues is upward momentum, education around not only the technology underpinning cryptocurrency and enterprise applications, but the legal and business aspects will become paramount to driving continued growth.  In fact, while FinTech may be a major focus for blockchain projects initially, the technology has implications across every industry, making blockchain education a priority for students in nearly every major.  In fact, a recent study notes that while 9 percent of students have taken a cryptocurrency course and 18 percent own cryptocurrency, 26 percent across different areas of study are interested in taking a course.

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