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Mythical Games Announces Update for Blockchain-based 'dGoods Standard'

March 29, 2019

In an article published a few months ago, Los Angeles based Mythical Games announced that it has teamed up with several blockchain companies to develop a new industry standard for distributed digital goods (dGoods) with an aim to establish a foundation for a commercially recognized benchmark for creating, managing and distributing digital assets on the EOS blockchain within the development community.

Mythical Games is a game technology studio that specializes in building major game IPs and a digital ecosystem around player-owned economies.  

The standard was revealed at the beginning of 2019 and looks to formalize the thriving virtual goods marketplace of digital assets affecting developers, content creators, and consumers. Since then, a lot of progress has been made and Mythical are excited to announce the first smart contract implementation for the “dGoods standard”.

Token Pocket, pixEOS, and Cypherglass join Mythical Games, Scatter, and EOS Lynx in the

 ongoing collaborative efforts with the initiative also being adopted by, Math Wallet, Infiniverse, Greymass,, ITAM Games, and Nova Wallet.

The closed Alpha will allow teams to have a first-hand look at the dGoods code and actively participate by providing essential feedback and iteration as they gain momentum towards delivering a full public release later this year. The immense collaboration effort from all the teams involved in this endeavor has resulted in dGoods becoming a standard for digital goods.

“With the release of our smart contract closed Alpha, we are excited to get the code into the hands of the development community. This initial release will only be shared within our core dGoods development teams. It’s an opportunity for us to continue to pressure test dGoods and ensure it achieves our goals. The closed Alpha represents a critical step in our roadmap towards maturing the implementation and taking dGoods to the mass market,” commented Rudy Koch, Head of Blockchain at Mythical Games.

“We are also excited to open the doors to early adopters who are interested in getting access to the code early. dGoods is an initiative aimed at supporting a diverse development community, so we invite you to join us.” Adds Koch.

Some of the key features of dGoods include:

  • Metadata Templates for 2d and 3d assets
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Multiple categorized token in one token contract
  • Fungible and non-fungible in one contract
  • Open Source and free to use

For more information on this initiative and the dGoods platform, please visit:

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