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Blockchain Solutions Among Most Popular Technologies to be Adopted in 2020

April 09, 2020

New research from bodes well for blockchain adoption this year. The firm's data shows that 38 percent of organizations plan to integrate blockchain solutions into their operations in 2020. Among enterprises, 23 percent plan to adopt moderate blockchain operations and 15 percent will roll out solutions on a large scale.

Organizations are choosing to adopt a host of new technologies in general this year in an effort to improve efficiency, enhance customer service and more. Blockchain solutions are quickly gaining in popularity thanks to their core principles of decentralization, transparency and immutability. The financial sector is set to big the biggest adopter of blockchain technologies.

“During the time of crisis like the current coronavirus pandemic, blockchain technology might prove important since it cannot be taken offline contrary to centralized tracking services,” states the report.

Additional technologies set for widespread adoption this year, according to the report, include AI and machine learning. The research shows 79 percent of organizations plan to adopt the public cloud, and 72 percent of those will utilize AI and machine learning. Roughly 70 percent of organizations will integrate private cloud solutions, while 63 percent will opt for multi-cloud offerings.

Around 63 percent of organizations plan to use container technology and 58 percent will roll out some type of robotic process automation. Additional technologies set for adoption include edge computing, at 46 percent, and 51 percent of organizations plan to integrate serverless solutions. Roughly 40 percent of those surveyed will roll out ChatOps solutions.

Customer experience is undoubtedly the largest driver for new technologies, with 69 percent of those queried citing it as their main motivator. Another 24 percent found it somewhat important. Around 57 percent of the organizations surveyed said improving product quality and services was a very important consideration in their technology decisions, and 39 percent cited it as somewhat important.

New products are yet another driver for digitization and new technology decisions, with 53 percent of enterprises surveyed citing it as important. Another 41 percent labeled it somewhat important.

The adoption of blockchain technologies and solutions is growing by leaps and bounds, particularly in the financial sector and certainly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. To offer education and valuable information and networking opportunities surrounding blockchain, TMC is hosting The Blockchain Event at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, FL from June 22-25, 2021. Colocated with ITEXPO, the event will offer dedicated content about how blockchain is disrupting and transforming a variety of industries while also creating a new global economy.

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