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Blockchain Platform Facilitates Tourism Between Mainland China and Macao

October 30, 2020

Blockchain is being used to facilitate cross-border travel tourism between mainland China and the autonomous region of Macao. A new health records platform launched in May makes use of blockchain to facilitate safe tourism amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The system, which is built on China's FISCO BCOS open-source blockchain platform, verifies the health status of Chinese residents entering Macao within seconds. They are then issued an electronic pass and are able to access public places throughout the region.

Macao also expanded the original system to add a mutual recognition mechanism with the health code system of the Guangdong province in China. In use for just one month, the platform has processed health data for 17 million people.

The blockchain platform has been credited with reviving tourism between mainland China and Macao. The region is a popular tourism spot in Asia, featuring giant casinos and malls. It is referred to as the "Las Vegas of Asia." The region had suspended tourist visa applications in January as COVID-19 began to impact the area.

According to Serviços de Saúde de Macau (SSM) and Macao Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT), which worked together to establish the platform, the average time to receive, transform and generate the health code the first time is 100 seconds. It then takes less than three seconds to evaluate a traveler passing through customs again.

Information security and privacy protection regulations in mainland China and Macao have made the exchange of health codes challenging. Blockchain has been an ideal solution, enabling IDs and personal health data to be encrypted to verifiable digital credentials. These are signed by the issuing authorities and recorded on the consortium's blockchain network.

The platform works by enabling users to transmit data to the receivers directly through a secure communications channel. Receivers then verify the integrity of that data by comparing it to the corresponding digital credentials stored on the blockchain.

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