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FYX and Unikrn Partner For Blockchain-based IGaming Products

March 11, 2021

Esports tech developer FYX Gaming announced a collaboration  with esports betting operator Unikrn. The partnership will enable the two companies to create new products and technology for IGaming using blockchain.

Combining the technology and resources of both companies will enable gamers to use cryptocurrencies for virtual tournaments. Users will be able to play in cash-based games with the security of blockchain, and the platform will provide developers with new methods of monetization.

FYM has announced that a flagship title for the collaboration will be CryptoFights, a strategic fighting game that allows users to customize characters and battle for cash prizes.The game will run on Unikrn Virtual, a gaming product that records historical gaming data to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. This technology also enables networks to transfer large volumes of transactional data using blockchain applications.

"Today's agreement between FYX and Unikrn is a huge first step towards shifting the business and monetization models that underpin the gaming industry. The partnership immediately creates an all-new revenue stream for game developers, with the foundation laid for future games on FYX to follow the CryptoFights template and integrate with Unikrn – another unique feature enabled through our innovative blockchain-based esports platform."

The title will be the first of many upcoming releases that will use this infrastructure as a basis. Developers at FYX state that the platform is game-engine agnostic, meaning that developers will be able to integrate their products through SDK and API. FYX is scheduled to be released at the end of 2021.

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