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Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis Congratulates State Legislature On Blockchain Push

March 22, 2021

During a speech for Wyoming’s House and Senate held last friday, Senator Cynthia Lummis praised Wyoming’s Legislature for allowing blockchain technology to be used and regulated across the state.

Lummis used her time to talk about how Wyoming has the potential to be an innovator in emerging technologies, and is currently pushing to expand broadband capabilities in rural areas of the state.

Senator Lummis currently holds a position on the Senate Transportation Committee’s Subcommittee on Space and Science.  She has built a reputation in recent years as a bitcoin investor and enthusiast, and has been a major supporter of the state’s numerous bills directly related to blockchain technology.

“Because of the really innovative and thoughtful work this Legislature did with regard to ‘Special Purpose Depository Institutions’ and the ability to invest in Bitcoin, you have set Wyoming apart and ahead of every other state and apart and ahead of the United States in efforts to create opportunities for distributed ledger blockchain and especially Bitcoin,” Lummis told the Wyoming House of Representatives.

The push for blockchain approval goes well beyond cryptocurrencies. Lummis and other blockchain advocates are stressing the advantages of the technology, such as the ability to verify and exchange information without the need of third party oversight. She believes that the state’s early adoption of the tech could help bring much needed changes to the finance sector..

“The work you did on financial innovation is so significant,” Lummis told the Wyoming Senate. “There’s nothing that compares to it in the entire nation, including what the federal government has done.”

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