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New Bill Proposal Could Make Alaska First State with Blockchain-Backed Voting

April 20, 2021

A new proposal from Alaskan state Senator Mike Shower suggests using blockchain technology for secure voting, which would make Alaska the first in the nation to do so.

Shower has commented that many voters are losing confidence in election integrity, and blockchain could bring advanced security precautions to ensure all votes are accounted for. As a part of the new plan, voters would be required to go through additional steps to verify identity, similar to the multi-factor verification tools used commonly on websites and social media.

“I’m merely trying to find a way to make it tighter and better as we move into the 21st century, primarily about how we secure our elections, so that people will have faith in the results, even if they don’t like them,” commented Shower.

The popularity of blockchain technology has skyrocketed over the last year, mainly due to the rise in value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Tech enthusiasts are beginning to find alternative applications for blockchain, which provides nearly impenetrable digital security that can be distributed across an entire network.

Though the technology would provide much needed security to the voting system, it’s implementation would lead to additional costs, and may not receive support from voters who prefer more traditional forms of voting. Shower’s general  point of the bill is to demonstrate that politicians should be doing more to protect the sanctity of voting.

“We’re sending ballots to people who shouldn’t be on the rolls here in Alaska,” Shower added. “So they can’t claim that we’re doing it as clean or as good as we should be. We can do it better.”

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