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MATRIXX Announces 5G Performance Benchmarks with IBM Cloud for Telecommunications

May 04, 2021

Now that 5G is here, many companies across a variety of verticals are asking: How do we make money off it? The proliferation of 5G is allowing for integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, cloud, and edge compute in a mobile setting. This is leading to the emergence of new products and services and, increasing opportunities for vendors and service providers.

MATRIXX Software offers solutions to enable 5G monetization for the communications industry. The company serves operator groups, regional carriers, and emerging digital service providers with a cloud-native digital commerce solution designed to boost commercial and operational agility with 5G technologies and the business offerings the technology enables. 

This week, the company announced performance results from its IBM Cloud for Telecommunications implementation. Anticipating the urgent need of communications service providers (CSPs) to monetize their 5G investments, MATRIXX Software’s 5G CCS established a performance milestone of 200K transactions per second (TPS) across 100M subscribers running on IBM Cloud for Telecommunications. The operation was MATRIXX’s first lab outcome since it joined IBM’s partner ecosystem.

With average end-to-end latency of 7.4 milliseconds across all operations, including network gateways and routing, this performance benchmark demonstrates that MATRIXX on IBM Cloud can enable CSPs to run critical network workloads in the cloud at the same or better performance levels as on-premise, according to the company. MATRIXX successfully delivered seamless scalability for an efficient, flexible cloud native charging solution, which opens the door for CSPs to experiment with new ways of monetizing 5G workloads.

Using a simulated blend of 4G and 5G traffic, MATRIXX used the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, built on Red Hat OpenShift, to provide more flexibility in harnessing data across cloud and on-premises environments. The performance benchmark demonstrates how together, MATRIXX and IBM Cloud for Telecommunications can deliver consistent throughput and latency, which helps enable providers to run critical network workloads such as charging in the cloud.

“As telcos deploy 5G network infrastructure, they are looking for validation of new revenue models that 5G enables,” said Marc Price, MATRIXX CTO. “We have collaborated with IBM to achieve industry-leading metrics on its IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, showcasing for CSPs how their 5G monetization strategies will be achievable as the number and diversity of connected devices increases exponentially.”

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