Bitcoin Origin Project Boasts Industry First

May 04, 2018

The practice of forking is not new – taking the source code from open source software and developing a new program. When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, however, this practice is still in its incubation. The Bitcoin Origin Project boasts being the first to implement a multi-fork in regard to the leading proof of work cryptocurrencies, and is introducing nuance to this maturing space.

The multi-fork involves Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Bitcoin Origin will avoid an ICO by using a fee distribution system, which limits total supply at 35 billion and simultaneously fork the ledgers, delivering owners of each cryptocurrency Bitcoin Origin in proportion to the United States Dollar value of their original holdings. Smart Contracts are created that are linked to the newly created forked coins, and will then deliver Bitcoin Origin tokens to the multi-forked PoW coins.

The Bitcoin Origin Project touts a Blockchain-as-a-Service model, providing the tech at a fixed price point. In deploying a serverless blockchain, the multichain infrastructure enables the development of custom blockchain applications. The multi-state engine allows participants to use the forked tokens for fees, contract and transactions. Another feature unique to the Bitcoin Origin Project is Proof-of-Ambassadorship, which denotes people in good standing among Bitcoin Origin stakeholders, and as these individuals promote the project’s efforts effectively, they receive 25% of block fees as a reward.   

Blockchain is a technology with far reaching implications. From finance and retail, to advertising and beyond, this transformative technology is making its mark. It appears, a lot of people are getting smart about blockchain.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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