Applications & Use Cases

Former Fugees member Pras Michel unveiled Motif, a blockchain-enabled smartphone that delivers dividends to users for each purchase they make. - 5/18/2018

As we move into the next phase of massive IoT and IIoT roll outs, the community of connected everything finds itself faced with challenges unlike any over the last several decades. - 5/14/2018



Goldman Sachs, the world's second largest investment bank confirmed it will be opening a Bitcoin trading operations for futures and other derivatives. - 5/7/2018

The practice of forking is not new - taking the source code from open source software and developing a new program. When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, however, this practice is still in its incubation. The Bitcoin Origin Project boasts being the first to implement a multi-fork in regard… - 5/4/2018

The people behind the many altcoins on the market today have improved upon the original Bitcoin technology in various ways.So why isn't everyone trading these cryptocurrencies? - 4/27/2018

Computenix Video Call Center Elevates Patient Engagement with WebRTC
Computenix announced the arrival of the Computenix Video Call Center. The agent-assist tool allows patients to connect with healthcare professionals, support staff and more, delivering a high definition visual experience to patient care. - 04/27/2018

Wildix Delivers Huddle Room, WebRTC Solutions
The company leverages WebRTC technology to deliver audio and video communications directly within the web browser. Wildix sells a unified-communications-as-a-service suite featuring an attendant console, file sharing, live streaming to Facebook and Y… - 03/12/2018




Social media is impacting the value of your cryptocurrency. This cross-platform audit will show how to improve consumer and influencer sentiment.