Applications & Use Cases

Considering the current developments and ongoing research in Blockchain, 2018 is undoubtedly going to be a productive year in this domain. The waves of blockchain have touched almost every sector, from healthcare to finance to energy space. - 7/16/2018

One aspect the benefits of blockchain can be profoundly seen and thus understood is within the gaming industry. - 7/16/2018



Will a start-up company raising $2M in an ICO that commenced July 8, 2018 end up disrupting an industry that McKinsey projects will reach $2.2 trillion by 2020? CrayPay thinks so. - 7/12/2018

Windmill Enterprise continues to pique interest in the world of enterprise blockchain, and before even formally launching their Cognida Network and platform, along with a non-profit open source foundation. - 7/5/2018

Two Austin, Texas companies today announced they have joined forces to build a mobile digital security solution for enterprises in blockchain and digital currency. - 7/3/2018

How Real-Time Communications Have Improved Online Gaming
1991. This was the year Tim Berners Lee invented something he called the internet. He was able to write what he called HTML code, and, in the early days when he had to sell it to people, he said it was like lots of Microsoft Word documents all stitch… - 07/17/2018

TMC Announces 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winners
TMC announced the recipients of the 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine and WebRTC World. - 06/25/2018




Social media is impacting the value of your cryptocurrency. This cross-platform audit will show how to improve consumer and influencer sentiment.